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Sustainable Flooring and Green Flooring Options: Our Case Study with a Local Retailer

Floors may not attract as much attention as walls, but flooring accounts for a large percentage of surface area in any building.  Floor coverings may account for thousands of square feet of building surface, which means that everyone in a building is influenced by flooring choices.

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Six Signs Your Office Carpet Needs to be Replaced

There is nothing quite like getting a new carpet installed; seeing those beautiful vibrant colors stretching across the entire floor without any imperfections. Fresh carpeting is pristine and unmarred, but unfortunately it can only stay that way for so long. No matter how much effort a person can put into maintaining their carpeting, the inevitable will happen: the carpet will need to be replaced.Hopefully this won’t be necessary for several for several years after installation, but it’s important to be prepared before beginning the eventual replacement process.

Replacing interior flooring can be a very costly venture, as there are many factors that come into play when making this decision. Physical appearance plays a large role in making this choice, but long-term financial implications play a large role in this decision-making process as well. The way to best determine the lifetime cost of commercial carpeting is to take into account removal of the old floor covering, the initial cost of the purchase and installation, care and maintenance costs throughout the life of the carpet, divided by the number of years of use. Looking at the initial purchase price is not a fair indicator of the true price of carpeting; costs over the life time of the carpet are a better indicator of this figure.

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