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Color by the Numbers: How Color Influences Mood in the Workplace

Is there a way to affect staff productivity, lift your mood or calm clients simultaneously? The simple answer is color. It’s long been known that people are affected by color. Color is culturally symbolic, but more importantly, color can help us focus, maintain energy or reinforce a tranquil mood. Color psychology is used in designing everything from hotel rooms to cereal packages. Colors affect emotions, concentration, even our well-being—and there is even evidence to show that in a school environment, color influences learning.

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Be Our Guest: Flooring in the Hospitality Setting

Hospitality settings present a unique set of requirements and opportunities. These facilities demand high performance features and appealing designs to create the perfect balance of atmosphere and commercial durability. In the past, that meant less than appealing commercial flooring options, but thanks to breakthroughs in manufacturing and maintenance technology, hospitality flooring can be an exciting and cost-effective design element.

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