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Covering the Office - A Guide to Choosing Commercial Carpet for Work Spaces

There are so many decisions to make in opening or renovating a business. When choosing a commercial floor covering, most people consider these five features:

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Increasing Worker Safety with Commercial Flooring Solutions

Name a business owner who wouldn’t love an investment with a 100% return. While it may seem impossible, that investment might be as close as the floor you’re standing on. As reported in the Chief Financial Officer Survey, an investment is worker safety, returning a $2 savings for every $1 invested. And, in fact… worker safety starts from the ground up.

American businesses spent about a little over a billion dollars a week in direct worker compensation, according to the 2013 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index. That translates into a total of $55.4 billion dollars in 2013. And that number doesn’t account for the secondary costs of worker injuries. The effects of a serious injury, measured in lost time, temporary coverage and compromised productivity, flow through an organization—right to the bottom line.

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