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specialty flooring

Specialty flooring is a category of commercial flooring for buildings or rooms with specific requirements for building codes, health and safety standards and product development standards. Many public buildings, health care offices and institutions, manufacturing properties and offices with computer rooms have special requirements for the flooring.

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commercial linoleum

Linoleum is a type of vinyl flooring,  resilient flooring and green flooring solution.

Topics: Commercial Vinyl Flooring

sheet vinyl flooring - sv

Sheet vinyl flooring is commonly known as “SV”.  This type of commercial vinyl flooring product received it’s name because it is available in “sheets”, ie. it is available in rolls of material. Most often this product is available in either 6 foot wide rolls or 2 meter wide rolls.

Common applications for sheet vinyl flooring are operating rooms in hospitals, patient rooms, soiled utility rooms, and bathrooms.

Topics: Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Composite Tile (vct)

The first type of vinyl composition tile was originally called vinyl asbestos tile or VAT. This material is no longer manufactured in the United States because of the asbestos contained in the product.
The product is a combination of vinyl and clay fillers and is most often sold in 12 x 12 squares. Standard VCT has a relatively low quantity of Vinyl content in it and therefore has a low overall cost. The products with higher amounts of Vinyl content will be more expensive. The advantage of a higher vinyl content is greater indentation resistance, scratch resistance and wider selection of styles and colors. The largest manufacturers of VCT are Armstrong, Azrock, Congoleum, and Mannington. 

Topics: Commercial Vinyl Flooring

types of commercial vinyl flooring

There are many types of vinyl flooring available in the commercial resilient flooring market today. The two main types of vinyl flooring are Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) and Sheet Vinyl flooring (SV). Linoleum is one of the most common resilient flooring and can be considered one of the most “green” vinyl flooring products. However there are a wide range of Specialty Vinyl Flooring Products – the term “specialty” is used to describe the features of the products required for different flooring applications.

Topics: Commercial Vinyl Flooring